The Future Is Now! (3:19)Journey; Epic


Talk or Walk (1:58)Comic Dialogue Underscore


"The Man Who..." (2:51)A Nod to Mancini


"Dear Me" (5:34)Quirky; Heartfelt


Starting Over (1:00)Freedom; Renewal (TV Spot)


Typhoon! (2:31)Heroic Action, traditionally scored


Orville's First Try (1:32)Action; Exhilaration


I'll Remind You (2:39)Dangerous Seduction/ Dialogue Underscore


Little Girl's Theme (1:23)Innocence; Purity


The Maze (1:28)Horror Trailer


Aztec Sun (2:11)Epic; Ethnic Touches


The Augments Attack (2:25)Cutaway Action


Marley Meets Jason (2:38)Horror Comedy